Sunday, January 29, 2012

Old is the new new

If you're seeing old posts of mine on the RSS feed, I apologize. The code syntax highlighter I use stopped working and I had to modify several posts to get it working again. For unknown reasons that causes the feed to treat them as new.

If anyone else uses Blogger and knows how to avoid that, please enlighten me.


Randall Hess said...

Hey Adam, what do you use for Maxscript syntax highlighting? I'm using one from Alex B, syntax highlighter, but there doesn't seem to be a Maxscript brush setup.

Adam Pletcher said...

I use the same one, Syntax Highligter from Alex Gorbatchev:

I made my own brush for MaxScript, you're welcome to grab/link to it here:

It doesn't highlight functions yet and some other stuff, but it's better than nothing.

LoTekK said...

In fairness, the old posts are quite enlightening nonetheless, and I hadn't looked that far back to see them before :)